Robbie Sky

School Staff “Joining Masacote School Staff July 2016”

Robbie Sky has been a professional dance coach since 2001. She owned and operated Off Broadway Dance Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is trained in over 30 dances, including ballroom (smooth and Latin), country western and swing. In 2008, Robbie fell in love with the Latin dances and the Afro dances of kizomba and semba, which eventually inspired a move to Austin, TX.

She has coached and trained across the U.S. and in France, England, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Her kizomba, semba and Urban KIZZ training includes coaching from such esteemed artists as Eddy Vents, Manual Dos Santos, Lúcia Nogueira, Moun and Monica Kay.

Robbie studied Business and Communication. Her specialty is coaching both leaders and followers, and her goal is to make people fall in love with dancing.

Notable Stages

– LA Salsa Congress
– Prague Salsa Congress
– Aventura Dance Cruise
– Taught workshops around the USA

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What People Say

“From all of us here at BDA, a very big thank you for making the after party such a success….You all did a tremendous job of keeping it simple and fun. So many, many thanks.”

Ruth Birnberg

“Thank you so much for everything you did for the Mambo Mania family concert. It was a pleasure getting to know and working closely with you. Including dance in this family concert really added so much to this show. And I loved that we were able to weave in some showcase dancing along with an opportunity to get the audience up and dancing. It was the perfect icing on the cake for this very special family concert.”

Heather Briere

“Thank you for everything you’ve done, and for how you will continue to gift me in my life. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty, but what you and the Masacote team has constructed is a truly unique force of life.”

David Lombino

“I’m always so moved by the way you speak to your students (with kindness), how mindful and articulate you are with what and how you teach, and just blown away with how BRILLIANT the entire Masacote team is.”

Jamie Koo-Kepka

“Dancing and taking classes with you … has such a powerful healing effect …. It is the one thing in my life that has centered me, always.”

Tana Ruegamer

“What a fun night last night! I wanted to thank you for the private lesson you gave me last week- it made me feel like there is hope for me after all!”

Rebeccah Sonn