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The Masacote Dance School offers authentic Latin dance and music instruction for people of all ages, levels, and abilities. It is based in Cambridge, MA, with an online studio platform for a global audience.

To us, salsa is more than a dance or music style – it’s a way of life. Our devoted team of coaches utilizes a mindfulness-based approach, building strong foundations and developing students’ technique, musical connection, and body awareness skills.

As a small company with a big vision, we realize we can’t do it alone. We also offer a work-study program, where students provide practical help for the team in exchange for discounted classes.

The beginners guide

An introductory rate for the unlimited package is available for beginners.

What to wear

Dress comfortably! Sweat pants, dress pants, leggings, leotards, skirts, wraps and/or sarongs are all welcome. If you do not have dance shoes, we’d recommend heels or dress shoes with a slick bottom that do not give traction when spinning.

Ages of Participants

Students’ ages range anywhere from 16-60, although average falls between 25-35.

Partner Requirements

No partners needed! We rotate everyone during classes, but advance registration is required to help monitor ratios.


Always start at Stage 1. The coach will move you up if recommended.

Non-Group Classes

We offer private lessons for individually tailored instruction and online classes for training at home.

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Sample Class

What People Say

“Thank you for everything you’ve done, and for how you will continue to gift me in my life. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty, but what you and the Masacote team has constructed is a truly unique force of life.”

David Lombino

“I’m always so moved by the way you speak to your students (with kindness), how mindful and articulate you are with what and how you teach, and just blown away with how BRILLIANT the entire Masacote team is.”

Jamie Koo-Kepka

“Dancing and taking classes with you … has such a powerful healing effect …. It is the one thing in my life that has centered me, always.”

Tana Ruegamer

“What a fun night last night! I wanted to thank you for the private lesson you gave me last week- it made me feel like there is hope for me after all! :)”

Rebeccah Sonn

“Thank you for 13+ months of great salsa, great people, and great memories, and thank you for many timeless nights–timeless! I swear–of dancing, both past and to come, and for the joy I feel right now.”

Nicholas Chammas

“You guys are top shelf instructors. I have taken classes in LA, San Diego, Illinois and Toronto and various Canadian cities. Nothing comes close to the attentive detail.”

Marvin Jones